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Home Buyer's Starting Line

Create a Game Plan

When it comes to buying a home, it's not easy to find the starting line. We can give you the information you need to make the perfect plan. This process is difficult because of all the challenging decisions. When we become your agent we will sit down together and discuss all the things you need to achieve your real estate goals. You can schedule a free consultation today.

Things to consider:

  • Where is your dream home located?
  • How many bedrooms & bathrooms?
  • What is your budget?

Get Prequalified

Getting pre-qualified is one of the most critical steps in successfully purchasing a home. If you are not purchasing a home with cash, then you must have financing in place. There are many loan programs in the market place that will allow you to obtain the money you need to purchase a home. We can prepare you by connecting you with trusted lenders. Also we can give you a step by step checklist that will help prepare your home buying process. Once you get prequalified, we can go house hunting!

Find Your Dream Home

House hunting is a fantastic journey, but can be overwhelming. In this stage of the process you will need a lot of tools and research to find what you are looking for.  We can equip you with everything you need to find your dream home. 

Our services include:

  • A subscription to the multiple listing service to get immediate market updates
  • A portal to provide you with a website to see all the listings in your criteria
  • Connections with amazing lenders
  • Marketing plan to find the home you are looking for
  • Rehab and construction services to make your dream home a reality



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Credit Answers

It's Never Too Late

Are you afraid of not being able to purchase a home? Are you worried about being taken advantage of? Our Journey Home Program empowers you to stabilize your finances. Our dream for you is to stop putting money in your landlord's pocket and to start putting money into your pocket!

Let Our Team Support You

We believe homeownership is an important investment, and we don't want credit problems to prevent people from buying their first home. Don't ever give up on your goal. We have a team to come alongside you to give you all the tools and connections to obtain your home. 

What's Your Goal?

Our team has created The Journey Home Plan which is designed to make sure you stay on track. The reason why most people can't accomplish their goals is a lack of focus, commitment and support.   



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Home Seller's Starting Line

Focus On Mindset

When selling your home, you have to think like a retailer. This thought process, made famous by Dave Ramsey, can open your eyes for opportunities to increase your sale price. Your mindset is absolutely critical to the sale. We can help you determine a sale strategy, just like a retailer. And every retailer has a goal. 

Market Analysis

We will not let you get taken advantage of. The market is a complex system and we can help make sense of the mechanics. Your home is an investment, and this is an important opportunity to capture every last dollar you possibly can. You invested time, money, and sweat equity into your home. We can help you determine the best value.

Make The Sale

Live your life and let us do the work. We will create a marketing plan and execute every step. My strategies will bring in buyers that will love your home. With the combination of data crunching the market and our current buyer's list we can hit the ground running. We will execute a no nonsense process that will get you the highest and best offer. 

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Investor's Starting Line

Start Your Wealth Building Journey Today

Assets and liabilities are all over the marketplace. We find assets that will yield positive returns by scanning and researching the market.  Relax and let the numbers do the talking. Real estate is full of numbers that simply reveal opportunities for cash gushing investments. Give us a call to find out what strategy is best for you. Our goal is to empower your vision for real estate investing. 


Beat Wall Street Year After Year

Even though Wall Street has ample opportunities, our goal is to show you that there is an enormous world of investments outside of Wall Street too. We would love to show you the investments we are currently holding. Though we have investment holdings in Wall Street, we believe in the power of diversifying your portfolio outside of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and whole life insurance is necessary for wealth building. 

Execute Your Strategy

Are you looking for rental income? Are you looking for flipping opportunities that leverage gaps in the market place?

You won't miss a thing. Stay connected through subscriptions and portals. 

Our tactics include:

  • A subscription to the multiple listing service to get immediate market updates
  • A portal to provide you a website to see all the listing in your criteria
  • We can email you wholesale investments

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